We here at Quipist take your privacy very seriously. Starting off we will have ssh (encryption for connecting to Quipist),  and of course you have to have passwords (and we will encourage you to use a strong one!) But we are also working on implementing added layers of security to assure that your privacy, and information remain safe once the site is out of beta. It is our goal that our users will be able to use either their cell phones, or an email account, as a way to add a layer of authentication. We intend to include pictures and labels, to assure the user that they are legitimately on the Quipist site, and not on a spoofed site. And we will be implementing the ability for users to 'regain' control of their account via their email, text on their cell, or through a series of questions that the user will have set up in advance, so that if someone else were able to gain access/control that the user would be able to reclaim it. While in beta, we will be working on bugs, and stability, so please hang tight and we will improve our security very soon!