About Quipist

Welcome to Quipist!

Where your activity supports worthy causes to make a difference!  Think.Community!


Let's get started!

To begin with, we’re going to locate some of the amazing features Quipist has available for you!


Step 1:  Let’s start by getting you right into the action!  To view the main menu, click on the grill icon located in the upper left corner of your screen.  From here, you can access your social media feed, called the Quipstream.  Just click on it and begin earning points as you quip away!


Step 2:  Bring your attention to your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Click on it, and a drop down menu will appear.  In this section, you can edit your settings, optimize and adjust features, even customize your profile.  Go check it out and customize for optimal fun!


Step 3: You may have noticed the little cloud icon to the upper right of your name, click on it, and it will show you how many points you've accumulated, your rank among the Community, and several other valuable stats.  This is a great way to see how you’re actions are contributing to causes and raising awareness.  Want to earn more points? Remember to invite your friends so we can keep this community growing and building support! You also get bonus points when friends join!


Step 4:  Finally, take a look at the icons located in the top bar to discover more ways to connect.  For your convenience, we have listed them below from left to right.

        First you will see the magnifying glass where you can search for members or posts.

        Next, click on the flag icon to see your notifications

        Next, click on the message to send a message right to the Community.

        Next icon is a person plus so you can easily invite your friends to join you.

        Last icon is the Quipist "Q" so you can easily one click to your Quipstream.

        Then you can click on your profile picture or name to take you to your profile.


Step 5:  To begin a private conversation with a friend or member, click on the chat icon located at the bottom of your screen. 


Now What?

You’ve learned where to go, now let’s learn what you can do while you’re quipping! 


While on your 'Quipstream,’ take a look at these three icons to learn how to make the most of your social interactions!

        First, choose your posting options by clicking on the circle plus icon in the lower right corner.

        Second, determine how you would like to view the content on your Quipstream by clicking on the filter tab/icon in the left hand side of your screen (near the middle).

        Lastly, you will see additional icons located to the right of your posts.  Simply hover over these at any time for more information and options.


What else can I do?

Great, we’re so glad you want to learn more!  Browse these features and customizable settings to ensure you’re getting the most from Quipist!

        Sub accounts:  Sub accounts are accessible from your primary log-in, known as your ‘Owner Account’, but are viewed by others as separate accounts.  Sub accounts are often created for things like blogs, public content to reach the masses or private content you don’t want to be displayed on your ‘Owner Account.’  The use of a sub account, is only limited by your imagination.  So take some time to explore, and let us know if there is anything we can do to enhance this feature for your needs.

To create your sub account: click on your name in the top right and choose the 'Accounts' tab.  Next, click on the bolded circle plus at the top and begin creating your sub account.


        Proxy/Proxor: Proxy is a proprietary patent pending feature that we are introducing to social media for the very first time.  Think of it like “following” someone, but even better!   As a basic member you can become a Proxer by following another member who is listed as a Proxy.  Once this relationship is created, whenever your Proxy posts, reacts to a post, or follows someone, it appears as though you’ve done the same.  We hope this will allow word to spread even faster about the Causes we care about as a Community.  If at any point you would like to stop being a Proxor, you can reverse this by using the Proxy Bookmark.   We are very excited to see where quippers take this feature and welcome your input as it continuous to evolve.

If you want to be a Proxy, you will need your Owner Account upgraded to a Premium Proxy account.  If you have a large following of proxors, whom you invited to join Quipist, we will gladly upgrade your account for free, otherwise, there is a minor fee to upgrade.  Ready to become a Proxy?  Click on the 'Contact Us' link in the grill icon to get started.


        Social Hub: Your social hub allows you to connect all of your social media accounts in one place.  Once you have done so, simply click the icon on the left to ‘mute,’ certain accounts, filter the content that you see on your Quipstream, and even manage how much information you are seeing at any given time.  We will not write algorithms to feed you what we think is important for you. Since every quip supports a cause, we think you should be able to decide what you see and support – who are we to say otherwise.

To connect your social media accounts: Hover over the icons at the top of your Quipstream, and follow the instructions to connect your external social media accounts.

About Quipist

Welcome to Quipist! We are very excited you are here.

Your journey to create a better world through supporting social good causes has begun!

If you recently joined Quipist, you will see that you already have a friend! Qnews is setup to send you information about what we are doing on Quipist. You may access Qnews via your newsfeed, by going to the Qnews profile, or you may opt to receive the Qnews as a newsletter via email.

Quipist is now in Open Beta, which means we are allowing our beta testers to invite others onto our amazing new platform!  As an early adopter we hope that you will let us know what you love, like, and find lacking, so that we may create the network that you desire! As you help us to further improve, we will be building the infrastructure to create changes in the world through our amazing community. As we like to say at Quipist, “Think Community!”

The Quipist Story

How we got started.


The Quipist story began in 2010, when two NASA engineer/scientists, our Quipist Founders visited a website that was using a celebrity, to draw supporters for worthy nonprofit organizations in need of money. The core idea was promising; however, the interaction of its members wasn’t substantial, and the campaign was quickly forgotten. With time and much thought, the founders came up with an idea they believed would continuously help worthy causes.

To start with, they needed to identify what type of exposure would be the most advantageous.  Not surprisingly, it quickly became clear to these NASA guys, that one of society’s most powerful tools, was and still is, social media. Unfortunately, most social media wasn’t designed to help organizations. So, they began to ponder how social media could become ‘smart social media’ by generating ad revenue for good causes, without costing its users a dime. From this, the Quipist seed was planted and its vision grew! 

The beauty of social media is that everyone has a voice, and while it varies from person to person, they found that wit is one of the most dominant voices.  From this concept, ‘quip’ came to life.  Since a ‘quip’ is a witty remark and ‘to quip’ is to make a witty remark, our two founders took this idea and wove it into the theme of Quipist.  But how was being witty supposed to be helpful?

The Founders developed proprietary features and a funding platform to give its own funds away to worthy causes based on member activity, thus creating the ‘smart social media’ our Founders had envisioned.  In this new way of using social media, every post is viewed as a quip, and every quip has revenue value which could support the Community and the unique causes that would make this world a better place. THIS is what makes Quipist smart social media!

By becoming a member of the Quipist Community, you will be choosing to be smart about social media.  You will be using your voice to support worthy causes by simply engaging in online social activities much the same as you had probably already been doing.  So come, join the Quipist Community and help better the world.

Be smart. Think.Community!


The Quipist Team


What is Quipist really all about?

Quipist brings together many of the things that we love, and joins them into one fun space! Quipist is a stand-alone social networking site that you can use to bring together your other social networks. It is also a dashboard that allows you to funnel your other social media posts into your "Quipstream". While this is amazing, the real reason Quipist exists is to create a philanthropic organization, where you will build points through your normal social networking activities, to support a Cause that inspires you! We call this Cloudfunding.  But we need your help to make that happen... and all you need to do is come play on Quipist.  

We want to change what it means to be using social media from simply social interactions, to effecting a positive change in the world. 

Let the excitement begin! Come play on Quipist, and make the world a better place for everyone in our community!



Most of us are accustomed to seeing ads on the internet and social media sites, but have you ever wondered where all that ad revenue goes? We did, and that’s what inspired us to create Quipist.  Our goal is to make it easy for our community to socially, and financially, support Social Good Causes, by creating an environment where people and organizations can connect, advertise and fund their causes through ad revenue.  Since the funding is derived from the ads, you will be supporting worthy causes without needing to spend a dime out of your pocket!

What Makes Us Different

We want to change the idea that social media is a non-productive activity, and create a reality in which every action on social media helps better the world!  We call this 'Smart Social Media'.  We want to inspire the world to have fun, and feel good doing so, one post at a time, or as we call it at Quipist, “one quip at a time!”

Benefits to Community Members using Quipist: 

  • Fund worthy social good causes by being active and earning points

  • Bring all of your social media together conveniently in one place

  • Strengthen your online presence

  • Free standard accounts


It's All About the Q

While we were creating Quipist, we had fun creating our own "Q" vocabulary! So we thought we’d share our Quipist Glossary or "Quipsarry" so that you would know what we are talking about as we use these terms throughout our site. Wanna join the fun? If you think of a word we should add to our Quipsarry, let us know.  If we love your suggestion, we might send you some QPoints, or reward you with a badge!



Love The Q / Q-Love - Love Quipist & Love the Cause

Hug - What you send to someone when you don't want to necessarily 'like' someone's post, but yet you want to show them support with empathy.

Proxer - A Proxer is someone who is allowing a Proxy to act on their behalf on Quipist. Please see FAQ #3 for more details

Proxy – A Proxy is someone with a Proxy account, and who has Proxers (proxy followers). When a Proxy makes certain choices on Quipist (such as making a Qpinion), those choices cascade onto their Proxer’s accounts as well. It is reversible by the Proxer for every single item, and may be revoked entirely by the Proxer at any time.

Proxy Account – A Proxy account allows someone to act as a Proxy. Please see FAQ #3 for more information or contact us if you are interested in becoming a Proxy.

QPoints/Quift  - A gift of points from Quipist - surprise bonus points for something that you did that delights us

Qool - Cool

Qause - Cause

Queue Up - Sign Up / line up / join / participate

Quill - Once used to write quips

Quip - A witty remark

Quipstream – A Quipist’s timeline and incoming social media feed

Quip It / To quip - Write about it on Quipist

Quip In - When one signs into Quipist

Quip Up - When one signs up for Quipist

Quipist - A member of the Quipist community

Quippie - Groupie/follower

Quippier - Something that is more quip/witty than another quip

Quipping - Present participle of quip and what a Quipist does

Quit - Something a successful Quipist never does

Vet - To give proof/evidence, in the form of links, that something is true or false.

Vex - When something ‘controversial’ has been shared. For example, someone may post a video of an unknown person engaging in animal cruelty and you, of course do not want to like it, yet you want to show support against such cruelty or assist in identifying the perpetrator by spreading the word. This is one of many ways vexed can be used. We welcome feedback on this feature.

What’s your Q? - What are you passionate about?

1. If Quipist really doesn't cost me a dime, how does my activity actually help the Quipist causes?

Nearly everyone is used to seeing ads on the internet and social sites... ever wonder where all that ad revenue goes?  Companies usually keep that money for themselves.  On Quipist.com you earn points based on your Quipist activities, which shows that you are helping to generate revenue for the Quipist causes, then you are ranked weekly to show how much you are contributing through your activity by showing where you rank among the Quipist community.  It's fun to see how your are doing!

2. Does Quipist offer other language options? I have friends in many countries that support my causes as well

Not currently, but we intend to offer other languages soon. For now we suggest using the Google translation tool.  If you would like to speed this process along, and are fluent in other languages, please contact us through our ‘contact us’ page, and let us know that you would like to volunteer your time.

3. What is a Proxy on Quipist?

Proxy is a new, patent pending, proprietary, social media feature that is unique to Quipist. To be a Proxy you must have a Proxy premium account. If you turn on the Proxy feature it will allow other members to select to follow you. We call these members Proxers. Proxies will then be able to make certain choices on behalf of their followers. Currently such Proxy features are limited to Qpinion (like, dislike, hug, and vexed) , following and posts, with more to come.  Example: if you are a Proxy for 5 people, when you “like” a post, that post will automatically have 6 new likes, one for you and each of your Proxers.

In addition to Qpinions, Proxy members can also follow other people/organizations for both themselves and their Proxers.   Also your Proxy posts will show up on your Proxers Quipstreams as if they posted them, but it will show you as their proxy.  Example: if a Proxy follows someone, the Proxer will automatically follow that person as well.

Proxers can review and edit their Proxied Qpinions, posts and followings, through their Proxy Bookmarks page. Example: if the Proxy “likes” a post that the Proxer decides they do not want to “like”, they can reverse that action.  All standard accounts have the ability to be a Proxer, but only Proxy premium accounts can become a Proxy.

** We plan to add more functionality to the Proxy feature, and we welcome any suggestions for changes and additions.

4. What is a Qpinion?

Qpinion is Quipist's tool for allowing members to express how they feel about a post.  For example, just as you can “like” a post on other Social Media, the Qpinion does this and more.

In addition to “like” we have also included: dislike, hug (to show empathy) and vexed (want to show concern for a controversial post, but feel that ‘like’ sends the wrong message). Have fun with this feature and let us know any suggestions for changes or additions.  We want this feature to be the best it can be for the Quipist community!

5. How does the point system and ranking work?

The point system is how Quipist measures activities on our site. To view how you earn points on Quipist: click on the cloud in the upper right corner of your account, click on View Activity and go to the Earn Points tab. At the end of each week, members will be ranked based on their accumulated points. If ranking isn’t your thing, no worries, you can ignore it, or you may set your rank placement to anonymous!

Community Members

The more you power your Quipstream with content, the more people will read/interact, and the more points you will earn to support worthy social good causes!  Ready to start?

  1. Get invited and join the fun.  (You accrue points just for joining!)

  2. Search for your friends, comrades, and other supporters and invite them to join

  3. Connect your other social media accounts to your Quipboard and select “auto-repost” or not, as you see fit! (Automatically reposting means more content and therefore, more points/revenue for your Causes.  Have fun with it!)

  4. Quip often! The more you use Quipist the more you are helping your Causes.

  5. Use Quipist as a powerful tool to gain social awareness, find new supporters, connect with other members and help raise funds for our Causes!  Ready to start? 

  6. Connect your social media accounts to your Quipstream

  7. Invite your current members, friends, comrades, and team members to help support your Causes!