How to make a subaccount in a 15 second animated GIF! If you do not know what a subaccount is.. it is another account that behaves just like your first account, except you can have more than one and control them all from your first account! (Which we call your Owner Account)

How to add your other streams to be able to repost to Quipist... in a 15 second animated GIF!

How to invite your friends... in a 15 second animated GIF!


How to create a new post.... in a 15 second animated GIF!

Thank you all for joining us here at Quipist! We want you all to have the best experience possible. We would like to explain the different name spaces so that you may best utilize our site:) We have realized that hackers want to get into people's accounts. To that end we have made your "login ID" different than any other username or real name you will show on the site. We do not want hackers to know what your login ID is so that they cannot target you. Please make sure your login ID is something other than your name, and is not related to your username. In the name field we would like you to use your REAL name. Now, that does not necessarily mean your LEGAL name. Madonna is her "real" name... but it is not her "legal" name. We would prefer for you to use the name by which everyone knows you. This name will be attacked to all of your different profiles (but in the future we will be implementing the ability to HIDE your real name the future, and to choose to only show the username for that profile). The "username" for each profile is unique, and will allow you to distinguish between your different subaccounts. This will also be the URL for that profile. So if you choose your username as peanutbutter then the url for that profile would be /peanutbutter! This makes it unique and easy for you to give to others, and has nothing to do with your login:)

All of this being said... if you have something weird as your "name", please consider changing it to the name that everyone knows you by. Anyone that we know personally, and that has their real name on here, will likely be lucky enough to have their account verified by us long before we have the verification in place for the general user. But we cannot verify someone's account who has not done so:) Please take advantage of our drive to help you:)

Thank you:)
Quipist Team

Good news! We have now finish migrating our servers over to Amazon's web service! This should mean fast service, and better resources!

To celebrate we would like to encourage you invite your friends to join us here on Quipist:) To do so you click on the 3 lines in the upper left hand corner... and scroll down to INVITE. You may copy your invite link, and share it on your other social media sites, or you may paste it into an email to send to your friends:) We have an invite email that we can send on your behalf, but because it says 'invite' in the email address, it might go to spam! So to assure your friends receive the message, you might want to send it to them directly:)

Please keep in mind that anyone that uses that link, and joins Quipist, will be automatically added as your friend. If you do not want strangers on friend list, then keep that link private:)

If you want to build a public profile that you would feel comfortable letting strangers onto, then we suggest you create a second profile! :) To add a second profile to your account, click on your name in the upper right hand corder and select 'accounts', and select the big (+) at the top to add a new one. You can also use the 'accounts' link to switch between them, but the faster way is to click on your image, and you can switch between them there.

Once you are in your new account (daughter account aka sub account) you have all of the same capabilities as with your main account! You can go to the invite link, copy it, and post it anywhere you want! This way you can have a public profile, and a private one! A standard account on Quipist is always free, and currently gives you one additional profile. So you can have one be a work profile, and one be private, of family/public, or public/private! You get to choose to use it any way you wish.

We also have a blogger account.... which will allow you to have up to 10 daughter accounts. If you would like to have one of the blogger accounts to help us beta test the features, please email me at bells@quipist.com and I will turn your account into a blogger account!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here in the comments, or to open a ticket in the 'contact us' section. We need to know what is making you flummoxed so that we can add it to the FAQ for future users! :)

Please help us to create Quipist into the playground you are looking for:)
I found the activation email in my Spam, so now it's too late to get into all of this tonight. Btw there is a typo in the first line above. I'm sure you'll see it here - Good news! We have now finish migrating our servers over to Amazon's web service!
QNews 6/8/2016
Thanks! I appreciate it:) I apologize that it went to spam, and I will suggest we adda blurb that says to check spam:)

We are happy to announce that we are in the process of upgrading our services! However, this means that within the next 48 hours there might be some outages, or downtime. If you experience any difficulties, please wait a little while, and try again. If you are experiencing trouble after more than a few hours, please notify us. We want to make sure that you are having a wonderful experience on Quipist, and we apologize for any inconvenience that this process might cause.

Thank you for playing on Quipist!

When sending us your comments, please make each bug, or suggestion it's own submission:) Each submission generates a ticket that tells us what to fix, and we prioritize them based on need. If you put multiple items all in one submission then it is very likely that some of those thoughts/bugs will never be seen or corrected... And we do not want that to happen! :) We want to make sure we see everything you want to draw our attention to:)

Please help us to help you, and help to create Quipist into the Social Media you desire and deserve:)

Hello Everyone!
Please welcome all the new people to Quipist:)

We would love it if you would invite your friends, family, colleagues, and coworkers, to Quipist! To invite someone, please select the three lines in the upper left and corner... scroll down to INVITE... and select 'email' or 'link'. Anyone you give an invite to will automatically be added as your friend, when they accept the invite. So if you post your invite link publicly then strangers will be on your friend list. Please be mindful:) We want to use invites as a minimal vetting process... So we would prefer it if you only invited people you know in some way:)

We would love to gain 5000 new users (or more!) in the next 60 days. If you can help us with that, that would be amazing!

Some of the new users have had a few questions about connecting their other social media... if you want to import your most recent posts from other sites, please go to your Quipboard (via the 3 line menu button in the upper left) and select the icon of the social media you would like to have connected. You may set them individually to auto-repost your items, or not, as you see fit. You can change these settings at anytime by selecting your name in the upper right corner, and going to your social media settings.

If you have any questions, or suggestions, about what we need to add, change, make directions for... please do not hesitate to contact us! We want Quipist to be the best thing you have ever used! For that to happen, we need to know your thoughts, complaints, requests, etc. Please contact us by going to the three line menu button in the upper left, and selecting 'Contact Us'. This will generate us a ticket to make sure we look at your comments:)

We are so excited to have you hear with us!

-Quipist Team

Tomorrow we will be doing a big roll-out! Sometime tomorrow evening (March 23rd) we will be pushing out our latest updates! We are very excited by these new features! You will have the ability to mark items as read/archive and have them disappear from your feed! This way you may wade through your messages in a reasonable fashion without scrolling back through them over and over again (like on some sites!). You will be able to filter out what you have read already, as well as filter out the Qnews, or anything of the feeds you have connected to your quipist account.

You will also have an easier time getting to any subaccounts you have, as well as the quipboard tools will be on a pull-out tab instead of taking up your valuable screen space!

But the best part is that as soon as that roll-out has happened we will begin allowing you to invite others to Quipist. Open-beta will be invite only, so for anyone to get on to our site they will have to know someone already on it! But we want to grow, and we want everyone to be networked with someone from the get-go!

So starting this weekend.... begin inviting people to join you on Quipist! When you invite someone they are automatically added as your friend, so don't invite people you don't know;)

And as always... please let us know if you have any issues, problems, bugs, annoyances, or amazing thoughts/wishes! We want to make Quipist into the dream social networking platform that you wish for:)

Thank you!
-Quipist Team

We hope that you are enjoying getting familiar with Quipist! If you are on your Quipboard, and you want to reshare something you see, please look in the lower right hand corner for the "share" symbol (looks like an < with 3 circles on it). Clicking that should give you a pop up where you can input your thoughts on the post!

If that is not working for you, please feel free to comment on this Qnews post, and we will look into it! :)

And please give us any other feedback too!