Emanuel F. Barros
There's nothing like living in the present!

Don't believe in magic! Instead believe in yourself and then the magic will happen!

I'm an extrovert by nature and an introvert by training. When I'm alone I'm a deep thinker. I enjoy my thinking time. I'm always multitasking, so I'm usually doing something else while I'm doing my deep thinking like reading, writing, exercising, using one of my many creative outlets, or just trying something new. I love to socialize, this is where my extroversion usually comes out.

I'm a people watcher. I like to observe and contemplate what a complete strangers life might be like.

My most prominent character trait is my ability to generate ideas on demand. Although demand is the wrong word, the ideas just come to me constantly, I can't stop them. Some are random, but many are answers to problems I want to solve. Much of the time they keep me up at night until I write them down and then I'm able get some sleep.

I also meditate daily, it helps with calming the idea factory for a short time. I'm ambitious and a serial entrepreneur. I'm very driven when it comes to personal accomplishments and all my goals.

I have so much more I want to do and just not enough time. I've quantified that 10X lifetimes isn't enough for everything I want to do. So now I support life extension research and the Transhumanism movement.

I'm a risk taker, I take risks that most people wouldn't dream of because most people have a false sense of security by not taking risks. I don't mean life threatening risks, but instead attempting things that may bring ridicule for instance. I can survive ridicule!

To me not taking risks is the biggest risk of all. You risk wasting your life away and never doing anything meaningful for yourself, your family, your friends, and humanity. We all have something meaningful to do if you look deep inside yourself, but it takes courage to go out and do it when everyone tells you you're crazy for trying. Criticism doesn't bother me, I learn from it, if there's something to learn and then go on with my life. My favorite is when people tell me what I can't do. I don't mean legally, but a goal I set. It actually makes me laugh because if someone tells you that you can't accomplish some goal you have for yourself, really they are saying they couldn't accomplish it if it was their goal. So next time someone tells you; 'you can't do that', remember that they're really referring to themselves.

I like to live in the moment and not worry about stuff from the past or worry about the right outcome for the future. The future is an interesting thing. Most of your goals that you accomplish will happen in a different way than you were expecting. I don't get stuck on only one way of accomplishing my goals. I open up to all those "isabilities" (possibilities that already exist, but can be revealed by believing in them. See Biocentrism or quantum realism to understand this.) and let the goals accomplish themselves and I just come along for the ride. I set my goals, I commit the goals to some sort of medium like paper or in a computer file etc., then I start looking for doors to my goals and start opening them until I find my goals. Some might think that's a waste of energy, but really it allows me to get their sooner. It works, the worst that can happen is all the doors get slammed shut and then you just look for more doors.

The secret is that there are an infinite supply of doors and eventually you will open one that leads you to your goal. If I set a goal, its because I really want it. I never seek praise from people, but I do enjoy giving praise to deserving people. I greatly value honesty, integrity, respect, and loyalty, all of which must be earned. I call it HIRL because it isn't easy, but once you get in the habit of it you feel so much better as a person.

I don't like arrogance, conceit, or Prima Donna syndrome right? Who does? Not to be confused with self confidence. For those who don't know the difference, it has everything to do with how you treat ALL the people around you.

Meaningful and ethical boundaries are necessary, but if some boundary impedes my happiness and has no meaningful or ethical purpose I go through it as if it were never there.

I never get discouraged enough to give up, but I do get frustrated from time to time. Its part of being human. It's what allows us to appreciate the greatness of life.

We all hear a lot of talk about infinite possibility, but really we need a word for infinite isability. You see all possibilities already exist. They either exist in your world or in one of the infinite parallel worlds. (again biocentrism/quantum realism)

So they already exist and its up to our consciousness and will to decide if they exist in our world. So its about isability and not possibility.

If you want to know anything else about me, please feel free to ask. Especially if you don't know me at all. For those of you who think you know me, you probably don't, so go ahead and ask. I dare you!

"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence." Carl Sagan

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