Hello and Welcome to Quipist!  We are very happy you're here!  Your journey to a better world starts now!

If you recently joined Quipist you will see that you already have a friend! Qnews is set up to send you information about what we are doing on the Quipist site. You can delete the Qnews from your list, if you wish, but we do not recommend you doing that while we are in beta.

We'll be updating Qnews regularly to keep you informed about Quipist.  We want you to be informed on our latest Qnews!

December 5, 2015 Quipist starts its beta launch phase 1.  Help us make Quipist the best it can be!

Latest News:

Cloud Play

This is where Quipist will put promotions for extra points to help you improve your rank! 

Check here for new promotions!

Main Stage

This is Where Quipist will showcase worthy causes for the community to learn about!


This is where Quipist will post up coming promotional events!